APH Group brands – AGRISEP

AGRISEP Clod & Stone separator

The Agrisep is a unique clod & stone separator, which uses an optical scanning system to detect clods & stones.

Great durability & low maintenance

The Agrisep separates clods and stones by letting those fall through. It retracts the soft fingers, so the direction of these heavy items does not need to change. This unique feature combined with the simplicity of operation results in high durability and very low maintenance costs.

High accuracy & capacity

The Agrisep has a high capacity and an accuracy of up to 95%, which leads to a significant labor-saving and a substantial improvement in the product quality.

Up to 72 tons per hour!

The AGRISEP explained in a clear video:

Check out the working principle here:


The Agrisep can be:

  • integrated in a Dewulf Miedema MH receiving hopper (AS210 or AS240)
  • in the stream after the hopper (AS120)
  • in the sorting grading line (AS80 or AS120)
  • on your potato harvester (self-built kit)
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