Briggs boom R40 – 2.2

Briggs irrigation boom R40 – 2.2

  • Beam length 40 meter
  • Lane spacing between 40-60 meter (depends on end-nozzle type)


Briggs boom R40 – 2.2
  • The rear wheels of the boom can be set from 1.5 to 4.4m wide so that all the wheels are in a tractor wheeling.
  • The boom is fully mounted on the hosereel, making transportation very simple.
  • Genuine one person operation. From fully open to fully folded takes one operator 2 – 3 minutes.
  • There is a choice of Nelson S3000 Sprayjets or R3000 Rotators configured to suit flow rates and droplet size requirements of the soil and crop.
  • Pressure regulators are used on all Nelson S3000 or R3000 nozzle assemblies ensuring a perfectly matched flow rate across all nozzles.
  • Ball valve control on all sprinkler/spray-jet outlets enables sections to be shut off to suit irrigation requirements and allows individual nozzles to be unblocked if necessary.
  • Optional combination of sprinklers and spray jets or drop pipes and spray jets to suit wide headlands and irregular shaped fields.
  • A choice of blanking plates, raingun mounting kits and end sprinklers give the booms exceptional versatility.
  • All models are equipped with a turntable allowing the boom to be set at an angle or rotated around any obstacle during irrigation.
  • Tough & Reliable
  • In the design process strength, longevity and user friendliness were the top 3 items on the brief. These booms are designed to last as long as the hosereel they are working with.
  • Proven lifespan of more than 20 years. Many booms from the late 1990’s are still working well with well with over 15000 hours of use.
  • All our booms are made from steel and are fully galvanised which ensures a long life span.
  • All components are manufactured using modern technology and spares are readily available for any boom we have ever made.
  • Models currently available include the R18, R24, R30 & R40 (numbers designate structural length in metres).
  • Options developed in conjunction with farmers around the world make the booms highly versatile.
  • Comparison To The R46 Range Of Hosereel Mounted Booms
  • Smaller tubes than the R46 booms to work at lower flow rates.
  • *These booms must be folded around the drum of the hosereel for transportation between irrigation runs.
  • The R18, R24 and R30 booms can be equipped with hydraulic lift for tall crops. This is not available on the R40 or R46 booms.
  • The R18 to R40 range of booms can be fully rotated around obstacles in fhe field.
  • Generally designed to mount on to smaller hosereel machines compared to the R46 – Guide below
  • R40 – smallest hosereel 90/350, largest hosereel 110/500
  • * If the option to upgrade the chassis is taken, the boom can then be moved from run to run in the open position.

Options included:

  • R40 Boom support bracket (pair) – for other brands of hose reel
  • End Pressure Regulated 180° PCS(PCR)3000 Spinners & R55A End 180° Rotators (pair)
  • Pressure Regulated 360° S3000 Nelson Spinners – 15 off
  • Heavy Duty Chassis With 2.2m Centre Section For R40 – TOP LIFT HOOKS


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