Press Release

APH Group Poland obtains dealerships for Horizon, Precision Planting and Raven

Heerenveen, May 2023 – With effect from 1 May 2023, agricultural machinery distributor APH Group has added three new brands to the product portfolio of its subsidiary in Poland. These include the representation of the brands Horizon, Precision Planting and Raven throughout Poland. With the addition of these three well-known brands, APH Group has an even more comprehensive product portfolio at its disposal and can thus also serve customers engaged in the cultivation of grains, or those looking for solutions in the field of precision farming technology.






Horizon and Precision Planting

Horizon is a British manufacturer that focuses entirely on the development and production of seed drills and associated technology used in strip-till and no-till farming. In strip-till, only the strips to be sown are cultivated, while in no-till, the soil is not cultivated at all and sowing is done directly into the stubble of the previous crop. Horizon’s product range consists of three main machines: DSX, SPX and PPX. These machines are available in different working widths and configurations, and can be customized with several options.

US-based Precision Planting, a part of AGCO Corporation, focuses on developing smart products that improve the quality of sowing various crops which ultimately results in higher yields. Thus, Precision Planting’s unique and innovative solutions, combined with a great wealth of agronomic knowledge and experience, ensure a rapid return on investment by addressing the problems and challenges that cost farmers the most money. Precision Planting’s products can be fitted to new seed drills, but are also available as retrofit package to upgrade recently sold seed drills. This applies to strip-till, no-till as well as traditional-till agriculture.

Przemys┼éaw Romanowski, Managing Director of APH Group Poland, is excited about the expansion of the product portfolio and therefore sees the necessary opportunities. Romanowski explains: “Strip-till and no-till farming is not new in Poland, but it has been gaining momentum in recent years. More and more farms are stopping tillage and gradually switching towards this way of farming. Hence, I see huge potential for strip-till and no-till farming in Poland. In addition, it is great that we can also provide the latest technology to customers with to improve the sowing quality of their equipment and thus increase their yields”.

With the addition of Horizon and Precision Planting, APH Group has been able to expand its product portfolio with two renowned brands. “These two innovative manufacturers produce solid and well-though-out solutions and have the necessary experience and expertise. This combined with our motivated team, both in sales and service, results in a fruitful cooperation”, says Romanowski, who is confident about the cooperation as the first machines have already been sold and commissioned.


Raven, a part of CNH Industrial, is an American supplier with a lot of experience in precision farming technology and has a wide range of solutions which are divided into five categories: autonomous farming, connectivity & logistics, guidance, application & boom controls, and displays. “With the Raven dealership for Poland we have been able to add a strong brand to our programme that offers interesting solutions for many farmers. We are therefore very pleased that Raven has chosen APH Group as its sales and service partner in Poland. In addition, with the appointment of Wojciech Piekarski as sales and product manager, we have found a very experienced person who will lead the way for APH Group. I am therefore very much looking forward to our cooperation with Raven to jointly market the brand and its products in Poland”, Romanowski concludes with determination.

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