Dewulf – Potato harvester Kwatro

Dewulf – Dewulf’s 4 row self propelled, bunker harvester.
Dewulf remains loyal to the concept of high quality…

Dewulf – Potato harvester Kwatro

Dewulf’s 4 row self propelled, bunker harvester.
Dewulf remains loyal to the concept of high quality, frontal harvesting. Because the harvesting unit is positioned ahead of the tracks, the potato ridges remain intact and the harvester has excellent stability. Due to this construction, it is possible to keep harvesting for longer in the event of wet conditions. The harvesting unit is equipped with large, hydraulically driven discs and steel wheels to control the depth.

The haulm topper has been fitted with an improved flail distribution. Due to this, the suction force has been increased considerably. The hood of the haulm chopper is largely made of synthetic material. The depth control with skids follows the ridges and ensures a perfect pulverization.
The sieving capacity is realized by 3 webs, without narrowing, a great harvesting capacity will be achieved by the wide and unobstructed flow in the machine. All the webs are hydraulic driven, the direction (1st & 2nd web) and speed (all webs) is adjustable depending on the field conditions.

After sieving, the product flow arrives at the hedgehog belt, which provides the first intensive cleaning. Then the potatoes reach the sieving module, which is equipped with an haulm roller. The haulm roller is reversible in direction from the cabin.
Finally, the potatoes are distributed across the entire width of the ring elevator with the 3 part distributor. The ring elevator is equipped with active side walls, which protect the potatoes against damage.

The Kwatro has a bunker with a capacity of 11 ton. This offers an important advantage when crossing large parcels with a large yield. The 1 part bunker makes it possible to unload the entire bunker quickly or to unload on the move.

The clever weight distribution (1 wide rear steering wheel and 2 tracks mounted under the harvester) ensure a perfectly flat ground after harvesting with minimal compacting. The rear steering angle is the widest available in the range which makes the harvester very manoeuvrable, even on the smallest parcels. The traction power can be adjusted per track/wheel, ensuring that harvesting can be continued, even in the most challenging circumstances and weather conditions.

The luxury cabin, create a spacious working environment focused on the driver. Due to an excellent view on the harvesting unit, the driving experience is sublime. The control units for the harvesting and driving sections and a joystick provide the driver with all luxury and simplicity for the operating of the harvester. The product flow can be monitored via cameras and screens.

Standard you have an easily and quick access to all main components in order to do the proper maintenance. Beside of that our machines are equipped with standard parts which are worldwide easily available.

Unique points:
– Possibility to be adapted to all kind of field circumstances
– High capacity
– Strong and open chassis
– Proven and tested worldwide
– Professional control system for drive (DCU) and harvesting (HCU) control with user friendly joystick
– Maintenance free components
– Standard spare parts, worldwide available
– Fully hydraulic control
– Large rear wheels with 2 tracks under the machine, guarantees drive ability in all conditions
– Very maneuverable machine
– Unloading of the bunker while harvesting continuous (+25% productivity increase!)
– Haulm roller between 2nd and 3rd web
– 1 Hedgehog belt with adjustable speed and inclination, as an additional cleaning
– Sieving module with haulm roller
– Different, interchangeable cleaning modules possibilities


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