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The APH Group Potato & Vegetable Equipment knowledge centre stands as your premier resource for in-depth insights and expertise in the range of potato and vegetable cultivation. As a distinguished dealership organization within the industry, we offer the latest, high quality equipment sourced from renowned brands, including Dewulf, Miedema, Baselier, Agricola, Samon, Imants, Wifo, and more.



Our ultimate mission is to empower you, the farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, with the equipment to achieve higher yields, increased capacity, and superior product quality while optimizing efficiency. Discover our product range, invaluable insights, and our industry-leading expertise to unlock the full potential for growth. Read more and join us in cultivating success!


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Our Partners

APH Group is your partner for:
Soil Preparation

Creating fertile grounds for maximum yields.

Planting & Sowing

Unlock the potential of your crop with precision sowing.

Crop Care

Enhance and nurture crop health and vitality.


Efficient solutions for high-yield crop collection.


Expertise in gentle, efficient crop handling innovations.

Box Fillers

Streamlined solutions for automated box filling.

Store Loaders

Reliable equipment for crop storage and preservation.

Dewulf Enduro

Largest bunker in its segment

The Enduro's 2-part bunker with discharge elevator, with a practical volume of 12,3 m³, is the largest in its segment

Unique ring elevator with high capacity

Capacity and product-friendliness are combined in this Fill-Tastic ring elevator

Lowest ground pressure in its class

The harvester achieves the best figures in its segment with a pressure as low as 1.5 kg/cm2, due to its big footprint

Large sieving and cleaning capacity

The Enduro has the biggest sieving capacity throughout the machine

Ultra high maneuverability

The Enduro has a rear steer angle of 30° and a front steer angle of 60°, which results in a very maneuverable machine

Potato & Vegetable Equipment

Our service

Service for Agro Professionals

Our team of dedicated specialists is not only here to provide you with knowledge and insights but also to offer hands-on assistance and guidance. Whether you require custom equipment solutions, expert advice on farm management, or assistance in optimizing your operations, we are ready to be your partners in progress.

APH Group is your trusted partner, offering an extensive range of spare parts, including agricultural components from all our Potato & Vegetable Equipment partners. Whether you're an existing customer or an agricultural entrepreneur looking to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us for unparalleled support and expertise.

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