Grain Equipment

Our specialists within the knowledge centre Grain Equipment are committed to helping worldwide farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs elevate their no-till, strip-till, and conventional farming practices. We are here to empower you with the equipment and knowledge necessary for improving soil fertility, efficient water management, and the promotion of enhanced biodiversity, resulting in an agronomic advantage and consequently higher yields. Explore our cutting-edge brands like Horizon, Precision Planting, and Harvest International, and gather more insights around the world of regenerative farming.

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Potato & Vegetable Equipment

The APH Group knowledge centre Potato & Vegetable Equipment is your foremost resource for potato and vegetable cultivation. As a leading dealership organisation in the industry, we supply the latest state-of-the-art equipment from renowned brands like Dewulf-Miedema, Baselier, Agricola, Samon, Imants, Wifo, and many more. Our objective is to assist you in attaining higher yields, greater capacity, and superior product quality, all while optimising efficiency. Discover our product range, insights and expertise to unlock the growth potential of your farming operation.

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Our Irrigation specialists understand the critical need to enhance yields while optimising water usage through next-level crop management via precision irrigation. With our extensive portfolio, featuring well-known brands such as Valley, Euromacchine, Cornell, Riverscreen, Idrofoglia and Fasterholt, we offer efficient solutions, from centre pivots and linear pivots to hose reel systems, pump systems, and smart irrigation tools. Contact us, and together, we can tailor a solution to deliver the right amount of water, in the right place, at the right time, unlocking the potential of your fields.

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The Storage experts are your trusted source for innovative storage solutions tailored to potatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables. Our goal is clear: to empower you to minimise weight losses, optimise energy usage, and maintain your produce's quality over time. At APH Group, we understand the critical importance of storing your crops under the right conditions, all while striving for homogeneous product quality. Our renowned brands, Omnivent and Miedema, offer a comprehensive range of installations and intake equipment including receiving hoppers, box fillers, and store loaders in combination with ventilation and cooling solutions for both box- and bulk storages. Reach out to us for optimal storage efficiency.

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Grading & Packing

At APH Group's Grading & Packing knowledge centre, we proudly serve as your one-stop-shop total solutions supplier for potato and open field vegetable farmers, as well as food produce processing factories. Our commitment is to unburden you with 24/7 regional service and provide cutting-edge machinery, including renowned brands like Manter, Solidtec, Wevano, Kloppenburg, and Pro-Vega, along with turnkey solutions. With a focus on precision grading and efficient packing, we ensure your produce reaches the market with exceptional quality and consistency. Partner with us to streamline your grading and packing processes for a competitive edge in the industry.

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