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Our knowledge centre Storage is your premier resource for cutting-edge storage solutions designed specifically for potatoes, onions, carrots, and various other vegetables. Our dedicated experts are here to support arable farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.

Our storage specialists empower you with the knowledge and tools to minimise weight losses, optimise energy use, and ensure the enduring quality of your harvest. We understand the significance of storing your crops under the right conditions while striving for consistent product quality.

Renowned brands within our portfolio, Omnivent and Miedema, offer a wide range of installations and intake equipment, hoppers, box fillers, store loaders for both box and bulk storage, alongside ventilation and cooling solutions.

If you are looking to enhance your storage efficiency and success, reach out to us. Your journey to optimal storage starts here.

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Our Partners

APH Group is your partner for:

Enhance agricultural efficiency with Miedema receiving hoppers, optimising product reception and capacity.

Box Fillers

Precise, rapid box filling for crop quality and time savings.

Store Loaders

Optimal loading solutions for preserving crop integrity.

Box Storage

Combine efficient box storage and expert ventilation to maintain produce quality and minimise weight loss during storage.

Bulk Storage

Unlock the full potential of your storage space with bulk storage. Enjoy efficient loading, cost savings, and space optimization.


Explore our diverse storage ventilation systems, featuring Omnivent, each offering unique advantages tailored to your agricultural needs.


For year-round product storage, cooling is essential. Our solutions empower you to maintain precise storage temperatures.

Box Storage

Tailored Customisation

Omnivent provides a range of customisation options, allowing you to tailor your box storage system to your specific needs and the types of produce you store

Precision Climate Control by OmniCuro

Omnivent's Box Storage solutions offer precise control over temperature, humidity and CO2 level, ensuring the ideal conditions for preserving the quality of your produce

Minimised Weight Loss

With Omnivent, you can significantly reduce weight loss, resulting in higher yields and increased profitability during storage

Energy Efficiency

The box storage systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you reduce operational costs and running hours while maintaining optimal storage conditions


Our service

Service for Agro Professionals

Our team of dedicated specialists is not only here to provide you with knowledge and insights, but also to offer hands-on assistance and guidance. Whether you require custom equipment solutions, expert advice on farm management, or assistance in optimizing your operations, we are ready to be your partners in progress.

APH Group is your trusted partner, offering an extensive range of spare parts, including agricultural components from all our Storage partners. Whether you are an existing customer or an agricultural entrepreneur looking to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us for unparalleled support and expertise.

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